A little bit about me, Danielle Hubner

Hi there and welcome!

This is really exciting for me, starting my brand new website and blog, and I am happy to share it with all of you!

Danielle Hubner SelfieIf you don’t know me personally, I recently got married and am embracing my name change with a total web and social media overhaul! Fascinating stuff, right? Honestly, this was months in the making and I just needed to get up off my bum and do it. And here we are.

I’m treating this blog post as an introduction. This is me, this is how I write, and this is where I’ll be doing it for now on. Well, in long-form at least. My go-to social sharing site these days is Twitter. You can find me on social media in most places as my actual name, Danielle Hubner, or under bluelagooniesd.

What does bluelagooniesd mean? Great question! And I wish I had an answer for you and everyone else who asks me. In reality, bluelagooniesd is the screen name I chose for my AOL account all the way back in the sixth grade, and I cannot fathom what I was thinking when I was 12 years old choosing that name. That’s the story. I only wish it was more captivating.

Moving on…

Keep a look out for more intriguing, fresh content to come your way! I’ll be touching on a variety of topics from social media, marketing and graphic design with a splash of my life including my pets, family, CrossFit adventures and paleo food experiments.

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