Podcast Day – What do you listen to?

Today is International Podcast Day and I’m celebrating my favorite podcasts!

My commute to work is about 45 minutes each way, usually more on the way home. I can get by in the morning with talk radio, but sometimes music won’t do the trick on the reverse drive. That is when I resort to these three go-to podcasts to keep me going.

This American Life 

A few years ago I came across This American Life on Netflix. There were only two seasons, but I devoured them both immediately. I did a little more research and found out that the show with host Ira Glass originated as a podcast by NPR. I fell in love and have been listening to the weekly podcast since.

Harder to Kill Radio

My all-time favorite paleo inspirational person is Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo. I found Steph’s blog when I did my first Whole30 about two years ago and used so many of her recipes. Besides being a rockstar in the paleo world, Steph is an avid olympic lifter, which I also do along with CrossFit.

I signed up right away when I heard that Steph was starting a bi-weekly podcast, Harder to Kill Radio! She quickly moved from bi-weekly to a higher frequency. This podcast is in its early stages and is really fun to hear the progress.

Social Fresh 

Professional development is very important to me. Social Fresh brings me up-to-date tips, tricks and need-to-knows from the hosting duo, Jason Keath and Jason Yarborough. I was fortunate enough to see the first ever live recording of the podcast at #SocialFresh conference in Tampa this month! If you’re into social media, content marketing, or the name Jason, I highly suggest this well-thought out podcast.

What are your favorite podcasts? I am always looking for more to fill my daily commute! Share it on Twitter with #PodcastDay.

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