Benefits of Live Tweeting for Business and Individuals

“Wait, you’re tweeting about an event, AND you’re getting paid for it?

This is a common question from friends and family when they learn that I occasionally live tweet events for my full-time job. To avoid getting into the nitty-gritty details, I respond with “Yes, that’s part of my job.” Truthfully, I do live tweet more regularly for personal branding and professional development reasons than I do as one of the brands I market for.
Benefits of Live Tweeting for Business and Individuals
There are many benefits gained from live tweeting, especially for brands and businesses. I also know that there may be some hesitations from companies to allow their marketing teams to engage in live tweets, but the point is that there are more benefits than negative outcomes. Use these tips to help push your ideas if live tweeting is something you’ve been wanting to try at work.

Benefits of live tweeting as a business:

  • Live tweet streams are great places to crowd-source content (i.e. testimonials, blog ides, etc.)
  • Providing a venue for fans to express opinions and views and a set time to engage with them
  • Learning about your audience’s interests, activities and beliefs
  • Gaining feedback on your product or service
  • A greater chance of expanded reach to aid in brand awareness
As an individual with an active Twitter presence, you can jump in on a live tweet session at any time! Find a trending topic, a television show, a webinar or Twitter chat to join the fun and get receive these perks.
This is an example of my best personal tweet at the Social Fresh 2015 Conference:

Who wouldn’t want engagement numbers like this for your personal Twitter account? But that’s just one perk of being part of a larger conversation.

Benefits of live tweeting as an individual:

  • Growing your Twitter audience by showing up in a space with new faces
  • Showing your active interest in a topic that is of high importance to you
  • Finding new, like-minded connections in a shared interest venue
  • Sharing valuable information learned with your followers, giving them a reason to continue to follow you
  • Demonstrating thought-leadership and marketing yourself
If you are on Twitter, there are many opportunities to jump in a live tweeting stream and have your voice be heard. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post on tips for successful live tweeting.

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