Creating content from an ice breaker

How to use content exercises to help form your content strategy

Going round-robin, stating our name, title, company, biggest content challenge, and something that makes us unique seems a bit ordinary if put in a room where introductions need to be made. But why do this exercise when there are nearly 50 people in a workshop room? That was my question as I sat at the end of a long line of introductions being made at the Social Fresh “Content That Converts” workshop.

My turn.

“Hi, I’m Danielle Hubner, Social Media Specialist for a Chicago-based higher education and finance company. My biggest content challenge is keeping content exciting and fresh for a not very exciting industry. What makes me unique is that I designed three New York Times bestselling childrens books.”

About four more people take their turn after me.

Our gurus for the session, Nick Cicero (Delmondo), Jeff Cohen, and Chris Moody (both of Oracle Marketing Cloud ) must have read my mind. The reason why we did this informational ice breaker was to generate content!

Creating Content out of an Ice BreakerWhat we learned in the intros was there were many marketing and content professionals in the room who had similar problems, and as an attendee this made me feel less alone with my problems. We also learned that of the people in the class, over 30% of us have social media in our titles, the next highest being digital marketing. Astoundingly, there were about 35% managers, and even VPs which means that people in higher-level positions are looking for help with their content strategy, too. What brought us all together is that we were all being invested in by our companies by being at the conference to learn how to improve our current situations.

This class couldn’t have come at a better time for me as my colleagues and I submitted our first attempt at a content marketing strategy to our Director of Marketing, setting us almost in the one-third of businesses that have a content marketing strategy. But why even have a content strategy?

Your mission as a content creator is to inform and educate an audience or community, and drive demand for the product or service you offer. Content can connect the pieces of the mission of your entire mission. All you have to do is take your mission and apply it to your goals!


If creating a content strategy is something you aim to do (and it should be if you don’t have one as a marketer), use the tips and exercised in this “Content That Converts” slideshare, but also make sure to start with what you know. Use your brand pillars to set strategy, locate business expertise in your company, subject matter experts, competitors, and your own internal content audit. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find in your email inbox that can help form answer the questions you’ll have when creating your content strategy.

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