2016 goals check-in No. 1

Back in January I logged my goals and intentions for 2016. The goals are personal, achievable, and will help me stay balanced throughout the year. While January was a  typical winter month, I was able to make some progress and bring introduce light to a rather dreary month. I just needed some extra time to document it! Let’s see where I’m at today.

2016 Goals Check-in No.1

Read 12 books

I’m happy to note that I read one out of the 12 books I dedicated to reading this year. I know this number is low, but I want this goal to be absolutely achievable.

Like I mentioned, I joined a book club with some co-workers. This book club is…let’s just say, my pace. We still haven’t met on the January book, The Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham, and I’m not sure if we ever will since it seems that I am the only one who read it! I’m sure if I set up the get-together that the girls will come through, though. Or at least some of them 🙂

What’s interesting is that this book was one of three that we had to vote on, and it was the last one I chose. I was surprised how much I ended up liking it! If nothing else, I need to learn to expand my view on genres; this was not a typical genre I would read, yet I couldn’t put it down! I suppose that’s a major point of book clubs, right?

I started a new book, this time an e-book on my Kindle, that is one of my choosing. I also have a backlog of titles to get to. I hope to have more progress on this for February!

Write for my blog regularly

Major fail here. Since I jotted down this goal, I have published one other post besides this one in 2016. Trust me, I have had a lot going on in my head that I would have loved to write down…No, that I SHOULD have written down… I’ll just stop there because I don’t have any other excuses. I need to motivate myself with this goal because I know no one else will and this is a very personal achievement I’d like to fulfill.

Conquer more cooking fears

January was a whirlwind. You’d think that home-life would calm down since the holidays were over, and work-life would be a little quieter, too. Well, those thoughts just weren’t reality. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more busy month of January than this year. I am so happy that I joined a Paleo meal exchange group as those meals I ended up with have saved my waistline and time at night! Since I had all these meals in my freezer to eat, I didn’t have a lot of opportunity (and obviously time) to cook up a storm in the kitchen, but I know this one will come to full fruition.

Danielle Hubner 2016 Goals Check In January

Organize my office

Tax season is upon us which means that I have to get my paperwork in order! I took some time one weekend and went though the largest stack of bills, benefits documents, etc. and kept what was important. Doing that alone made a lot of space on my otherwise cluttered desks. Next up is actually using my new filing folder. Even though this one is nowhere near complete, I’m happy with the progress I made on this goal.

Paint and draw

Nope. I have some motivation now that I am going to be an aunt (yay!) and know what the little guy’s nursery is going to be. Hoping to make a very personal present for my new nephew. So at least the ideas are flowing!

While I haven’t made any physical work lately, I have been doing a lot more design work for my job and a really neat project for my CrossFit gym’s first competition. My portfolio is growing and improving, and I can’t wait to share the overall project design for the competition!

Learn to say “no”

Well, I have definitely made progress on this goal because I haven’t been available or had time to do some outings that I would have otherwise liked to! This has been a bit easier than I expected, and I think that it’s helping me – and my marriage – be less stressed. I’m interested to see how I handle this goal once I have more personal time and need to remind myself to stay more low-key.

Stop buying unnecessary clutter

What a good goal to put at the end! I made an internal promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any new clothing or material goods for the month of January. With my wedding anniversary and a wedding to attend, and just coming off the holidays, I knew it’d be a rather expensive month and I vowed to do this to help save a little money. There was only one slip-up: I was at my gym and there was a Lululemon trunk show. Oddly enough, I forgot a sports bra that day! I made a somewhat-necessary purchase of a new sports bra so I didn’t have to skip my workout or go home and come back for a later class. That was it, though! I’d like to pat myself on the back for this on 🙂


While this check-in is a little late, more than halfway through February, I am proud of myself for following through. It also gives me perspective on what I need to focus on to reach these goals in February and for the remainder of the year. Again, this is why I am tracking my progress, to make sure benchmarks are met.



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