For love, marriage and design

Today is my second wedding anniversary. As I sit here and reflect on the two very different years of marriage I’ve experienced with my husband, I am also looking back to the time I spent planning our wedding.

I was not like most brides you hear about; I didn’t dream of creating this fairy tale wedding I had been dreaming of since a little girl. Nope. That’s not me at all. I actually wanted to get married at the Chicago Cultural Arts Center with just immediate family, intimate and quaint.

Instead we had a destination wedding in Puerto Moreles, Mexico followed by a reception of over 125 guests a month later back home. It was a beautiful wedding and a FUN reception, so don’t get me wrong when I say I did not enjoy the majority of the planning! (If it weren’t for my step-mom I would have lost my mind in the planning!!) But what I did enjoy thoroughly was designing my wedding theme and and stationary.

I designed our theme to be hexagons with the colors of salmon, navy and white. Below is a hexagon photo backdrop that probably took way too many man hours to create but was well worth the time investment. We even had a hashtag #BD2015Wedding and encouraged our guests to use this hashtags in and and all photos they shared, from our engagement to ceremony to the reception. I also never strayed from this theme; it was truly our wedding brand.

@iamdanihubner on Instagram with #BD2015wedding

Today I see that my commitment to this theme also translates well to marriage advice. Stick with the decision and vow you made and make it known. Don’t hide your love and devotion to the one you chose.

And so I share my wedding invitation and stationary ensemble, designed by me. These are the pieces that helped gather our closest people together for our big day(s). Two years later and I am still in love with them (and him!) as much as the day I said “I do.”

Hexagon Wedding Invitation and Stationary Design

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